Artificial Intelligence in eLearning: Case Study

The Challenge We Faced We were tasked with developing an eLearning course that would allow customer service center staff to practice conversations with the customers who are not satisfied with the quality of the products received. If you’ve ever taken a conversation-based eLearning course before, you were probably given a limited choice of questions and … Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence in eLearning: Case Study”

LMS Features Compared Side-By-Side: Moodle vs. Blackboard

A reliable LMS is crucial for the success of your staff training process. And it can be a daunting task trying to determine which learning or course management system (LMS/CMS) you want to use for your organization. There are many products on the market, and you can’t easily take most of them for a test drive. … Continue reading “LMS Features Compared Side-By-Side: Moodle vs. Blackboard”

Top eLearning Authoring Software Products

Our clients often ask us what eLearning authoring software we prefer when it comes to eLearning solutions development. Because each project is different with different goals, requirements, and limitations, there is no simple answer to the question above. However, we do have our 3 favorites. Here’s the software most used here at eLearning Company: 1. … Continue reading “Top eLearning Authoring Software Products”

TRAINING-ONLINE.EU: eLearning Platform Review

Modern educational technology enables companies, schools, and organizations to develop, store, assign, and track the learning progress online. With hundreds if not thousands of vendors out there, choosing an eLearning platform isn’t a simple task. Our clients often ask us for help in finding a good platform to store their eLearning content. This week we … Continue reading “TRAINING-ONLINE.EU: eLearning Platform Review”