Custom eLearning as a Marketing Tool

All successful marketers out there are constantly on the hunt for the next big thing in their field. A tool, an idea, an approach that will make their product stand out from the rest and ultimately result in more sales and better business outcomes. This year, the next big thing came from an unexpected place—education. Online education, or eLearning, to be exact.

Today’s top marketing organizations aren’t just those that move first to new channels, but those that utilize full spectrum of marketing technologies to blend creativity with data. An interesting trend among marketing powerhouses in the US we’ve been noticing is a surprising move to consumer education through custom eLearning solutions such as product knowledge training courses aimed at potential customers who might be interested in a product or service.

A typical consumer who is not well educated about an advanced product or service tends to focus on the cost, with lower price being the main driver towards a sale. On the other end of the rainbow there is a well-informed potential customer capable to recognize that it’s worth to pay more for better quality, additional features, and higher satisfaction. Instead of trying to sell the product to an uneducated consumer (and with that engaging in price wars with the competitors and undermining own margins), a smart marketer would spend time educating the consumer about the features and benefits of the product and how said features and benefits might justify a higher price. Once an uninformed prospect becomes an informed lead, they are not only much more likely to make a purchase, they are also much more likely to pay higher price for the product as well as enroll in optional premium features. By using eLearning to educate their consumers, marketing organizations create loyal followers and ensure higher customer satisfaction due to the fact that the consumer becomes educated about a product even before the sale occurs, thus knowing exactly what to expect from the product, which minimizes the risk of being unhappy with the purchase.

Another reason eLearning works so well in marketing is because the attention span of an average consumer is rapidly shrinking, forcing marketers to look for new ways to attract and keep public’s attention. Knowledge is a commodity attractive enough to interest most consumers take the time out of their busy schedules to get to know the product. Many people are motivated by learning and would be willing to sit through a product training if they knew they would acquire new knowledge in the process. Think about it the next time you are creating a marketing campaign. Give your customers the knowledge and you will give them the power to make the right decisions such as spend more money on your product instead of buying a cheaper watered down alternative from a competitor.

Big ideas are already here. They are right in front of you. They’re about showing what your product and service can do for people, how it helps them, which needs it fulfills, what impact it has. eLearning is capable to communicate exactly that, and do it in the cloud, on demand, and without breaking your marketing budget.


eLearning Company Blog | March 5, 2017