Every Dollar Invested in eLearning Results in $30 in Productivity Gains

There are those business expenses that make perfect sense to save on. And there are those that are so crucial to the business success, that you just don’t want to save on them because doing so will undermine your business in the long term. Training and development is one of such expenses. It has been proven over and over again that investing in staff training is a great way to ensure the success of your business going forward. In fact, according to recent studies, every dollar invested in eLearning results in $30 in productivity gains. eLearning is a great way to spend your training dollars efficiently because it doesn’t come with a large overhead such as paying for dedicated trainers and picking up the cost of travel to the training sites. The best way to be wise with your budget is to invest in great eLearning courses; this will be a direct investment in your staff and the success of your business.

Because much of the success of any organization relies on the productivity of its workforce, employee productivity is an important consideration for all businesses. As a result, companies are constantly on the hunt for valuable insights on keeping their workforce productivity optimized.

Companies can reap the rewards of providing training for their employees because well-trained workers help increase productivity and profits. Investing in employee training should improve worker retention rates, customer satisfaction and creativity for new product ideas. Effective training saves labor by reducing time spent on problem-solving and saves money in the long run by producing a better workforce.

Americans spend 8.8 hours a day in the workplace. But are those hours productive? That is the question more companies are asking to ensure they meet their business goals. One way to keep employees productive, according to research, is to make sure they are well trained for their jobs.

Well-trained employees:

1. Represent your company to the best of their ability and ensure that anyone who comes in contact with them has a stellar experience

2. Speak knowledgeably about the industry and provide a great customer experience no matter their role in the company

3. Help establish effective and inclusive processes to help ensure the business runs smoothly

But most importantly, by setting a strong internal training brand, you not only show your focus and dedication to teaching your people how to master their roles, you also show you care about their overall happiness at work. Employees who feel well cared for by their employers are engaged employees. Engaged employees are excited about their future and continued growth. This seems like a long-term strategy, but employers will see three immediate benefits.





eLearning Company Blog | January 15, 2017