Don’t be Boring, Plan Your eLearning Course to Excite and Inspire


Memorable learning experiences lead to higher knowledge transfer and retention. In order to make the learning opportunity memorable, you should focus on adding an element of fun and excitement to your eLearning course. Put yourself in the shoes of your learner. What can make them excited? How can you make the training content less boring? What would you remember after walking away from this training? There are so many great ways for the eLearning module to excite and inspire: use great graphics, provide compelling scenarios, add multimedia content, allow for branching and varied learning paths, and so on. Remember this: the training outcome is much better when the trainee is showing a genuine interest in the content and the training process. The next time you plan training or engage an eLearning company for a training project, don’t forget to think about how to make it memorable, which in turn will have a huge impact on knowledge retention, performance and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Don’t let boring eLearning content overtake you, or your learners. Here are some tips that can help you to proactively eliminate, rework, restructure, and ultimately find a better way to present the dry and boring content:

Use Colors to Set the Mood

Who says you have to stick to dull grays, monotonous blacks, and insipid blues just because you are teaching a complex topic? If you don’t want to drive your learners away or bore them to sleep, use colors that evoke particular emotions.

Add Visual Power

As human beings, we are naturally drawn to visuals. We love watching movies. We click open and share more social media posts with pictures than those without. As an eLearning developer, you should wield this powerful medium often and especially when you have to make boring and dry content engaging.

Use Modern eLearning Development Tools

Using modern eLearning development tools enables you to offer your learners the best learning experiences. Such experiences are not only highly engaging and memorable but also come with higher knowledge transfer and longer knowledge retention. Both are very desirable learning outcomes that learning professionals strive to achieve.

Use Examples and Non-Examples

Sometimes specifying both examples (what something is) and non-examples (what something is not) can nail down a concept more vividly than just defining it. For instance, statistics do not often convey the gravity of a natural calamity. We are more shocked when we see the visuals on TV. Real consequences stir us more than possible implications whose magnitude has to be imagined.

Add Video

Here is a golden rule of eLearning: if you have to demonstrate something, use a video. A chunk of text, however descriptive it may be, cannot recreate the realism video provides.



How can you make a learning experience memorable?

In order to make a learning experience memorable, you should focus on adding an element of fun and excitement to your eLearning course.

What can you add to the eLearning module for it to inspire the learners?

To excite and inspire the learners, an eLearning module should use great graphics, provide compelling scenarios, use multimedia content, and allow for branching and varied learning paths.

Give some tips on how to present the eLearning content in a better way.

– Use colors to set the mood.
– Add visual power.
– Use modern eLearning development tools.
– Use examples and non-examples.
– Add videos.

eLearning Company Blog | February 15, 2017