TRAINING-ONLINE.EU: eLearning Platform Review

Modern educational technology enables companies, schools, and organizations to develop, store, assign, and track the learning progress online. With hundreds if not thousands of vendors out there, choosing an eLearning platform isn’t a simple task. Our clients often ask us for help in finding a good platform to store their eLearning content. This week we had a chance to review a platform that has the potential to become the industry’s go-to place for learning content management. Here are some highlights of platform.

  • Full-scale LMS capability
  • No upfront costs
  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Privacy and security
  • E-commerce capability
  • Availability of tutorials and forums
  • Ability to add users and new eLearning content
  • Course assignment management
  • Potential for customization

Before choosing a Learning Management System, we encourage our clients to consider the type of learning operations that the business or organization is engaged in. A good LMS should support all types of learning content the company is using without having to compromise. We usually advise our clients to determine their goals, needs, and expectations prior to selecting an LMS. Once they identify the key features needed, we work with them to find the best platform that meets the criteria. Last but not least, price is an important factor. The platform of choice must meet the company’s budget constraints. Systems that don’t require a payment upfront often look more desirable because they allow the companies to evaluate the platforms without making a long-term commitment.

eLearning Company Blog | April 29, 2016