Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness Training

COVID-19 training on what is currently known about the virus

COVID-19 basics

The training will ensure that your staff has an understanding of what is currently known about the virus. This includes information about how the virus can be transmitted, what populations are most at risk of contracting the coronavirus, how the disease presents itself, what signs and symptoms to look out for, how to prevent further transmission of the virus, when to call the doctor, how to keep all family members protected, etc.

Business impact of the COVID-19 outbreak

Business continuity

Your business did not stop with the COVID-19 outbreak, and we will help to ensure that it keeps running no matter what. Whatever safety measures, precautions, and business continuity policies you have put in place, we will ensure that this information is communicated to your staff in an easy-to-understand non-threatening manner that enables your employees to continue working with minimal disruptions.

How to keep staff safe from becoming infected

Safety and prevention

It is important that your staff understands how to keep themselves safe from becoming infected. This eLearning course on coronavirus (COVID-19) will provide all the necessary information and action steps your staff needs to minimize the risk of contracting the disease and, if contracted, avoid spreading it to other team members at the office.

Dispelling the myths about coronavirus

Dispelling the myths

Unfortunately, some people are more susceptible to panic, relying on untrustworthy information on the Internet, and going along with the numerous myths and conspiracy theories that circulate over the Internet. This eLearning course on coronavirus can be a useful tool for you to keep employees not only informed but also focused on the business and not conspiracy theories.

Does Your Staff Need COVID-19 Training?

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