Custom Interactive eLearning

Interactive eLearning video of a man holding a map deciding on a branching question.

Interactive videos

Give your learners a sense of control with interactive videos that make it possible to add multiple outcomes and varying learning paths to your training course.

eLearning game featuring city management.


With learning games, you can ensure that your training is attention-grabbing and memorable, which in turn ensures higher knowledge capture and retention.

History timeline for an eLearning course produced by eLearning Company.


Timelines are great when it comes to explaining processes, histories, and developments. Let us know if we can help you add a custom timeline to your learning course.

Interactive map showing information about company locations. Currently shown Adidas Originals, Berlin, Muszstrasse 13-15.

Interactive maps

With interactive maps, your learners can take their time to explore the topics at their own pace and in the order they prefer. This makes them more interested in the training, leading to better training outcomes.

An eLearning knowledge check asking which food is rich in iron.

Quizzes and knowledge checks

We can help you design various tests, quizzes, and knowledge checks that provide an accurate representation of the learners' knowledge and abilities.

Multimedia icons representing interactive eLearning solutions flying out of a phone screen.

Other interactive multimedia

If you can think it, we can make it. Nobody knows your learners better than you do. Let us know what interactive materials you would like to see in your courses, we will make sure that we deliver exactly what you are looking for.

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