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We produce custom learning products that promote deep learner engagement and ensure high knowledge transfer. As eLearning industry professionals, we set our goals to engage and inspire learners in order to ensure enhanced learning outcomes. At eLearning Company we know that developing and designing a high-quality course is not enough unless we succeed in engaging and motivating your audience to learn. Our custom solutions create curiosity, which leads to better knowledge retention.


We are experts at developing a classroom curriculum that meets your business needs and exceeds even your highest expectations. Our company helps organizations of all sizes train their staff in any setting and on any topic, offline and online.


Our instructional design department is top rated among the companies who provide full-service instructional design consulting. From stand-alone lessons to the series of courses, no job is too large or too small for us.


Let us help you take your learning process anywhere your business may take you. Our mLearning solutions offer flexibility in the choice of platforms and devices to access instructional content anytime, anywhere, as well as flexibility to learn in various formats. Our products allow to separate educational environment from your conference room and allow it to move anywhere, anytime in pursuit of truly entrepreneurial learning. Our mLearning products also enable educational experiences that are increasingly personalized and customized for each unique learner.

Instructional design

Classroom training

As experienced educators and a top provider in New York, we see instructor-led classroom training as an efficient method for presenting a large body of material to large or small groups of learners. We prioritize a personalized, face-to-face instructional approach that ensures that everyone gets the same information at the same time. We supplement facilitation with engaging activities, opportunities for discussions, games, handouts, job aids and other materials, making the process fun and exciting for the learners.

Online solution

Our custom products will allow your employees to take the learning on their own time, at little cost, and with no travel expenses. And we make these courses just as effective as face-to-face classroom facilitation. With online classes, we make the content relevant to the learner, align the product to a desirable business outcome, and empower the learners to take their development into their own hands. With our company as your training partner, you can be sure your developmental goals will be met and exceeded.

Blended programs

We offer a smart combination of learning approaches as the key to boosting staff efficiency and availability while cutting costs. Over the past 8 years, eLearning Company has delivered 100+ blended training programs, and was consistently rated a top provider among companies offering online classes and blended learning design. Our blended programs combine online facilitation, fact sheets, self-assessments, case studies, webinars, pre-course and post-course assessments, expert presentations, and other elements that ensure high learning transfer and an attractive cost to the organization.

eLearning development

Employee working on a complex subject project.
Office employees discussing complex production.

Complex subjects

Complex subjects

We partner with subject matter experts from various industries (located both in New York and all over the country) to produce advanced modules on any subject. This results in content that is useful, practical, and comprehensive; and that keeps learners engaged and receptive. We simplify, break down, and cut away the non-essentials providing courses that are relevant, organized, and engaging. Our custom solutions include multimedia assets that illustrate complex concepts and allow the message to be transferred more concisely.

The team brainstorms custom scenarios for a client.

Custom scenarios

Custom scenarios

Scenario-based approach is considered one of the most effective methods in education. Our team of instructional designers and eLearning developers couldn't agree more. Our scenario-based learning solutions take staff development to the next level by creating experiential situations through blending effective elements including contextual framing, anecdotal narrative, personal impacts, and self-reflection. These elements help connect learners with the material, which in turn ensures higher knowledge transfer that results in higher job performance.

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Professionals working on advanced simulations.
Team member presenting an advanced simulation to the clients.

Advanced simulations

Advanced simulations

By combining the entertainment/game elements with instructional elements, our talented team produces engaging learning simulations that provide a great way to learn and explore. The benefits of learning simulations include the availability of formative feedback during simulation, opportunity for deliberate and repetitive practice, outcome measurement, skills acquisition and maintenance, availability of a variety of conditions, a range of difficulties, and many others.

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Competency-based custom solutions

Competency-based custom solutions

As a reliable partner in the education industry, eLearning Company will guide you through teaching concrete skills instead of abstract concepts. We do this by focusing learning on the critical competencies needed for success on the job, and developing products that meet the employee and organizational needs. This approach rewards learners for skills acquired rather than time just spent in a seat, in addition to ensuring continued success in the workplace. Because of our unique capabilities, our company is consistently rated a top provider among companies developing custom solutions nationwide.

Company staff review production timeline.

Instructor-led training


When designing an instructor-led training for our clients, our team never relies on boring standard slide deck with bullet points. We use various multimedia elements to make training interesting, engaging, and informative to ensure your learners are able to receive and retain the material taught. Our company works closely with subject matter experts in a variety of industries to deliver training on any subject.


Webinars can be a really powerful tool for engaging your learners located all over the world regardless of the size of the audience. We design webinars that grab your audience by the eyeballs and keep them glued to your presentation, so you can ensure they don’t miss any important information during the training. Instead of boring standard slides, we use images, videos and interactions to keep the learners engaged. When it comes to delivery, the experts at eLearning Company will excel at facilitating the webinar for your learners.


With each one-on-one training, we make sure that the training design includes variations of approaches to suit all learning styles. We include exercises, activities, discussions, role plays, syndicate work, case studies, and other activities to break the educational content up into bite-sized chunks. Unlike other companies, all trainings designed by our team are fun, engaging, informative, and goal-driven. This makes us a top education design provider in New York.

Mobile learning

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Any platform

Our mLearning experts will help you choose the best development platform for your mLearning app. This includes iOS, Android, Windows, and others. From native mobile applications to cross-platform solutions, we will ensure that your learners have access to the instructional content anytime, anywhere.

A client is using the mLearning solution on the road.

Learning on the go

We give your employees access to solutions that fit into their schedules without needing to be tied to a desktop. Online, offline, or intermittently online, the mLearning solutions produced by eLearning Company are always reliable and accessible, so you can take them anywhere your business takes you.

Engineer tests the company mobile app.

Advanced functions

There are a multitude of options we can offer when it comes to mobile learning. Your learners will benefit from features like push notifications, camera, geolocation, messaging, maps, social media, and others. Our mLearning department delivers apps that take full advantage of the modern mobile devices capabilities.

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Our team will work 24/7 to ensure that your mLearning products are up and running anytime, anywhere. eLearning Company offers dedicated support and fast resolution times for customer inquiries. This includes multiple contact options to make sure you can reach the mLearning team help desk no matter what.

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