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Custom eLearning Services and Unique eLearning Solutions

Custom eLearning Services

There's no limit on what's possible. We are an eLearning development vendor who specializes in custom training experiences, award-winning content, and unique eLearning solutions. We design the learning products to be highly tailored, informative, engaging, memorable and ensure high knowledge transfer and outstanding training outcomes. Some examples of the products we produce include online courses, interactive learning materials, multimedia assets for education, learning games, simulated experiences, timelines, online tests, and more. Tell us about your training goals, and we’ll come up with a solution that will get you there. We love working on exciting projects for a variety of customers, and you will love the high-quality learning products we deliver.

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eLearning Solutions for Business

eLearning for Business

We design high-quality business eLearning solutions that help our clients improve the staff's skill development process, reduce losses, and increase sales. We offer solutions in the following categories: product knowledge training, software training, compliance learning solutions, skills and behavior training, etc. No matter what training and development challenges your company is facing, we are a reliable partner you can always turn to for help and advice on anything eLearning-related, staff training and development, organizational knowledge maintenance and sharing, training on complex subjects, compliance-related training materials, etc. We work with companies of all sizes, large and small, and across multiple business verticals, from healthcare to oil & gas and every sector in between.

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Learning on the Go, Anywhere, at Any Time, on Any Device

Learning Anywhere

Just like your workforce is mobile and dynamic, so are our learning products. We produce eLearning materials that are flexible, portable, and device-agnostic to ensure that your staff can access the training and improve their knowledge and skills at any time and from any place. We bring the learning content to where you need it the most: to the field, remote offices, offsite locations, you clients' offices-anywhere the training is needed to support uninterrupted business operations for your company. The power of having access to the learning content 24/7 can be truly transformational for your staff and your business.

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AI-powered eLearning

AI-powered eLearning

As a leading eLearning production company in the country and worldwide, we bring the transformative force of Artificial Intelligence to eLearning development and implementation. Virtually anyone in your company or organization can benefit from AI-powered eLearning. AI is capable to improve the learning process resulting in higher knowledge transfer, decreased costs, greater transparency of the eLearning outcomes, data-informed program implementation, and, last but not least, the capability to provide deeply engaging personal learning experiences for the learners at all levels of your organization.

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SOLUTIONS The Best Solutions From the Best eLearning Development Company

We design custom digital learning experiences for the world’s coolest companies. To us, learning is never a one-size-fits-all approach, and therefore, any learning solution we produce is tailored to each organization’s goals and needs. Our clients often know what their learners need to know, but they may not know the best way to get there. We work with the companies to design the best training leveraging available resources and unique strengths in order to create impactful learning experiences.

eLearning Company team

About About eLearning Company, Inc.

Looking for a reliable eLearning production company? We are a full-service learning design and development vendor based in New York and serving customers nationwide throughout the USA. We stand out from other eLearning development companies as a leader that offers cutting-edge learning solutions to businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profits. We are consistently rated as one of the top eLearning Companies in the USA. We perform a complete life-cycle of instructional design services, online learning, eLearning solutions development, blended learning, mobile learning, curriculum development, and facilitation. The digital learning products offered by our team can be hosted online, on your corporate LMS or our cloud-based learning management system. We are active in the learning and development community and maintain close partnerships with other leading eLearning providers.

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Among Top eLearning Companies

eLearning Company, Inc. is constantly recognized as a leader in the training industry for its commitment to strive for excellence when it comes to the development of eLearning content as well as the design of learning experiences for our customers. The things that set up apart include high-quality developed materials, quick project turnaround, flexible timelines, genuine interest in providing outstanding learning products, customer care, and many others. It’s safe to say that our customers love working with us and so will you!

Want a Surprisingly Effective eLearning Tool?


Only 5% of learners click any "additional reading" links you add to your courses, and under 1% return to the module to visit the links at a later time. Is there a better way to share the supplementary learning content? There is, and it's brilliantly simple...

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ELEARNING Questions About eLearning Development Cost?

If you are looking to find out how much your eLearning project would cost, we will gladly discuss your goals with you and will provide a competitive price quote. We will even help you to compare our products to the offerings from other eLearning providers to ensure that you select an eLearning production company that is best for your business or your organization. Simply submit an eLearning development cost price quote request and we'll get right back to you.

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How to Measure Training Effectiveness


After the course is rolled out, you need to figure out how the training translates to everyday work and, later, business outcomes. This means understanding how much and how well the trainees learned, how they are applying this knowledge, and what additional knowledge gaps you should address.

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