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eLearning development

We produce outstanding learning products that deliver high learner engagement and ensure advanced knowledge transfer. As an award-winning eLearning vendor, we set our goals to engage and inspire learners in order to ensure outstanding learning outcomes. At eLearning Company, we know that developing and designing a high-quality course is not enough unless we succeed in engaging and motivating your audience to learn. Our eLearning products foster and stimulate curiosity, which leads to higher knowledge retention.

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Custom eLearning

Successful eLearning requires unique training experiences. The custom eLearning and advanced interactive learning products we offer include learning games, interactive videos, timelines, interactive maps, quizzes and knowledge checks, and more.

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Instructional design

Our instructional design team is top-rated among US-based companies that provide full-service instructional design consulting. From stand-alone lessons to series of courses, no job is too large or too small for us.

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AI-powered eLearning

To date, operations in every single industry have been enhanced and streamlined with the use of Artificial Intelligence. We bring the same transformative force of AI to eLearning production and implementation. Virtually everyone in your organization can benefit from AI-powered eLearning. AI is capable to improve the learning process resulting in higher knowledge transfer, decreased costs, greater transparency of the eLearning outcomes, data-informed program implementation, and, last but not least, deeply engaging personal learning experiences for the learners in your organization.

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Questions About eLearning Development Cost?

If you are looking to find out how much your eLearning project will cost, we will gladly discuss your eLearning goals with you and provide a competitive price quote. Simply submit an eLearning development cost price quote request and we'll get back to you very soon. We provide reliable learning services that accommodate budgets of all levels.

About eLearning Company

eLearning Company is a full-service learning design and development vendor based in New York, and an eLearning industry leader that provides custom learning solutions to businesses nationwide. We perform a complete life cycle of instructional design services, eLearning solutions development, blended learning, mobile learning (mLearning) curriculum development, and facilitation. The digital learning products offered by eLearning Company can be hosted on your corporate LMS or our cloud-based learning management system that allows our clients to take their eLearning courses to the learners as soon as the courses are developed, while saving money in the process. We are active in the learning and development community, and maintain memberships in professional organizations serving the learning industry.

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Latest eLearning Blog Entry: AI-Powered eLearning with IBM Watson

Whether you are developing eLearning or in-person training, a truly effective training program requires selecting the correct approach that will ensure that the training meets its goals. When it comes to teaching on-the-job skills, nothing beats the effectiveness of a training that resembles real-life conditions and challenges as closely as possible. While eLearning is an excellent mode of training delivery...

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AI-Powered eLearning: Chatbots, Natural Language Processing, Learning Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools allow us to develop smart learning products that can analyze the learners’ actions and make intelligent choices in order to help you meet your training goals. Artificial Intelligence is already being used in many industries, and eLearning is not an exception. With the help of AI, we produce eLearning products that are data driven, capable of analyzing learners‘ decisions, and making adjustments to prioritize learning and knowledge retention.

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