Custom eLearning Services: Design & Development

Custom online courses

Online Courses

Online courses deliver series of lessons or modules that can be conveniently accessed through a web browser, a mobile device, or LMS system that we can provide. Your courses can be available anytime, anyplace.

Custom elearning modules

eLearning Modules

Engaging eLearning modules covering a range of topics, from academic curriculum to professional skills. These modules can vary in lengths from bite-sized microlearning to comprehensive lessons.

Custom tests and quizzes

Tests and Quizzes

Online tools developed with a goal of assessing the learner's knowledge, thinking, understanding or retention of the material. These can be served as part of an online course or as a standalone test.

Custom compliance modules

Compliance Training

Web-based compliance learning solution designed to help an organization satisfy legal requirements, as well as avoid unwanted costs, harm, damage, litigation, fines, etc.

Custom interactive materials

Interactive Materials

Tools that allow the learners explore the topics at their own pace and in the order they prefer. The ability to interact with the learning content improves engagement and knowledge retention.

Custom timelines

Learning Timelines

Learning tools that allow to explain, explore, and understand processes, histories, and developments. A timeline can be a part of a larger eLearning course, or it can be a separate learning tool.

Custom learning games

Learning Games

Fun and engaging advanced eLearning solutions designed as games. Usually contain gaming elements such as mystery, exploration, points, scorecards, leaderboards, etc.

Custom learning chatbots

Learning Chatbots

eLearning solutions that use artificial intelligence and are capable to simulate conversations, provide critical information, as well as give expert, well-informed, prompt responses and feedback.

Custom learning videos

Training Videos

A presentation in a dynamic, visually appealing format that instantly grabs attention. The video content can be shared via multiple channels, e.g. YouTube, flash drive, intranet, email, web server, etc.

Custom software simulations

Software Simulations

A training product aimed at improving the learners' ability to use and interact with certain software. Allows to practice transactions as well as to make mistakes as part of the learning process.

Custom mobile apps

Mobile Apps

A native mobile app for iOS, Android or Windows, designed to deliver learning experiences on the go and serve content on a learner's mobile device with or without network connection.

Custom learning solutions

Custom Products

If you can think it, we can make it. You know your learners better than anybody else. Let us know what learning product they need, and we'll deliver exactly what you're looking for.

eLearning Company team working on a project

À la Carte eLearning Services

We provide a full range of design and development services for education. These include but are not limited to:

eLearning Development
Instructional Design
Development of Online Tests
Interactive Development
Online Course Development
Articulate Storyline Development
Adobe Captivate Development
Animated Video Production
Graphic Design
Multimedia Learning Assets Production
Project Management
Web Design
HTML5, JavaScript, PHP Programming
Learning Management System (LMS) Administration
Learning Management System (LMS) Development
Learning Management System (LMS) Support

Please contact us directly if the desired service/product is not listed above.

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