Elearning Development Cost: Custom Price Quote

Please answer these questions to calculate the cost of your eLearning project.


What will the final product look like?

Simple slide: image and text.

Mostly text on static slides

Limited images, stock photography

Standard text-based knowledge checks

Interactive slide with graphics and text.

A combination of graphics and text

More visual cues

Interactive elements

Custom scenario learning game showing two people.

Rich graphics, abundant visuals

Custom scenarios and learning games

Some videos

Complex engineering simulation learning.

Complex custom scenarios

Advanced training simulations

Multimedia-rich slides

Will this eLearning project need voice-over?

Crossed out bullhorn - project without voice over.

No voice-over is needed

A voice artist narrating a learning course.

Narrated by one voice artist

Five microphones symbolizing multiple narrators for a learning course.

Multiple voice artists

What does the learning content look like?

Bank notebook page and keyboard ready to write.

No content currently exists, the material for
the project needs to be researched and written

Stack of papers containing a script

The knowledge base is ready, but not
structured for eLearning production

Man holding a page with a storyboard written on it.

The content is written, storyboarded,
ready for eLearning development

What is the target seat time?

Sand clock for up to 30 minutes course.

Up to 30 minutes

Stop watch for up to two hours course.

Over 30 minutes and up to 2 hours

Wall clock for over two hours course.

Longer than 2 hours

Where do we email the price quote?

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