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Design and Develop an eLearning Course

Custom eLearning Course Development

With elearning courses for your students, employees, or customers, you can deliver consistent learning messages and interactions at scale. An elearning course is a great tool to educate, train, inform, and coach.

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Convert and Migrate Content to eLearning

Content Migration to eLearning

Your existing training content such as internal documents, presentations, and instructor-led seminars can be easily converted to elearning to offer you more flexibility in providing training opportunities to your learners.

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Animate an Explainer Video

eLearning Animations

Explainer videos are an excellent tool when you need to make training dynamic and fun. The faster pace of the explainer video as compared to a typical elearning course along with rich visuals will make sure the training is memorable and effective.

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Custom eLearning Solutions

Other Development Services

Looking for a custom product or unique solution to solve your training needs? We will help you develop any kind of digital or hybrid solution that will help you train staff, clients, or anyone else.

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Here's What Our Clients Say

Nellie P., Program Manager, San Francisco, CA
"The eLearning Company exceeded all my expectations. Their platform is intuitive and engaging, transforming the learning process. Their stellar customer support team also took the overall experience to another level. Highly recommend!"

Victor A., Head of Human Capital, Hoboken, NJ
eLearning Company is exceptional! Their gamified courses are not only educational, but also unique and engaging. The quality of content, intuitive interface, and fun learning methodology exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them.

Lisa L., Chief Learning Officer, Las Vegas, NV
eLearning Company provided unparalleled service and an amazingly intuitive eLearning platform. Their team helped optimize our online learning experience with innovative features and supportive customer service. A definite game-changer in the eLearning industry. Highly recommendable.

Matthew B., Learning Designer, Sacramento, CA
The eLearning Company has revolutionized our training program with their innovative learning chatbots. Their solutions are not just smart, but highly interactive and engaging, greatly improving our employees' learning experience. Highly recommended!

Nina G., Managing Director, New York, NY
The eLearning Company did wonders, turning the overwhelming task of training into an enjoyable experience. Their learning chatbots are innovative, engaging, and intuitive. Thoroughly impressive, and highly recommended for modern, dynamic learning solutions.

Shivesh G., Head of People, Boston, MA
eLearning Company exceeded my expectations. They created an engaging custom online course perfectly tailored to my needs. Their creativity, expertise, and responsiveness made the whole process a breeze. Highly recommend!

Marija R., HR Manager, Chicago, IL
The eLearning Company exceeded all my expectations. Their in-depth knowledge and professionalism in eLearning development made our project seamless and highly effective. Truly the best in the industry. Can't recommend them enough!

Jesse F., Learning and Development Leader, Tallahassee, FL
eLearning Company exceeded my expectations with brilliant content writing services. Their creativity and professionalism enhanced our learning materials, delivering engaging, high-quality content. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is palpable. Highly recommended!

Mudita T., Senior Traning Manager, Richmond, VA
The eLearning Company delivered top-notch content writing services with impeccable professionalism and promptness. The quality and innovation in their work significantly enhanced our e-learning modules. Truly worth every penny spent!

Jason L., VP of People Operations, New York, NY
eLearning Company is exceptional! Our team loved their dynamic, comprehensive training materials. Streamlined content and interactive approach boosted engagement and retention. Quick, focused, and professional - a game-changer in corporate training. Highly recommended!

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These are some factors we can help you consider:
Stakeholder Communication and Buy-In

Getting buy-in and support from stakeholders, including leadership, management, and learners, is critical for the success of online learning, and requires effective communication and engagement strategies.

Performance Management Integration

Integrating training with performance management can align learning objectives with organizational goals and enhance employee development. By setting clear performance goals and providing targeted training and feedback, you can improve job performance and achieve business results.

Learning Management System Selection

The right learning management system (LMS) can significantly impact the success of online training initiatives. When selecting an LMS, it's important to consider factors such as ease of use, functionality, scalability, and integration with other systems.

Learning Design and Development

The design and development of online courses can greatly impact the success of your training program. Effective learning design should focus on creating a seamless and engaging user experience that enhances retention, motivation, and transfer of learning.

Course Delivery Methods

Selecting appropriate delivery methods can improve accessibility, flexibility, and engagement of learners. Whether you choose synchronous or asynchronous delivery, self-paced or instructor-led courses, or a blend of methods, it's important to ensure that they align with your learning objectives and meet the needs of your learners.

User Experience and Interface Design

A user-friendly and visually appealing interface can improve the overall learning experience and reduce user frustration. By designing interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use, you can enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of your online training program.

Mobile Learning and Responsive Design

Ensuring mobile learning and responsive design can allow learners to access content from any device and optimize the learning experience. By designing courses that are optimized for mobile devices and responsive to different screen sizes, you can ensure that learners can access content anytime, anywhere.

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Industry Spotlight
Why different industries are embracing elearning?
Elearning in Judiciary


Online learning offers an innovative platform that can effectively address various judiciary training obstacles. By affording a flexible and adaptable learning environment, it allows judicial officers to easily stay updated on the latest legal developments, emerging case laws, and shifting legislation. Additionally, integrating interactive digital content helps to simplify complex legal concepts and terminologies, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Furthermore, e-learning facilitates the development of judicial ethics and integrity through interactive modules, real-life simulations, and scenario-based exercises. By offering diverse and engaging training programs, online learning can foster effective communication skills, as well as courtroom and case management strategies, tailored to each judiciary member's needs. Moreover, the incorporation of technology in online courses provides direct exposure to digital court processes and tools essential for the modern judiciary. Electronic filing systems, virtual hearings, and legal research tools are readily available for hands-on training, ensuring judicial officers become proficient in navigating the digital landscape of the justice system. Ultimately, online learning empowers judicial officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel within their roles, while adapting to the ever-evolving legal environment.

Elearning in Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Online learning provides a flexible and accessible way to address the common obstacles faced in health and wellness training. The availability of a wide range of virtual resources and training programs allows individuals to maintain consistency and motivation by offering diverse options that cater to their interests and goals. This variety also aids in overcoming plateaus, as learners can continuously refine their training routines and explore new techniques or exercises to stimulate progress. Furthermore, online platforms can help strike a balance among multiple fitness objectives by offering tailored programs and allowing users to easily adjust their routines. Additionally, digital learning platforms often include resources on injury prevention and recovery, including tutorials on proper form and technique, as well as expert guidance for rehabilitation. Online learning can also be an effective solution to time management issues, as it eliminates travel time to gyms or classes and allows users to engage in their training at their convenience. By offering the tools and support needed to navigate the complexities of health and wellness, online learning empowers individuals to surmount common challenges and achieve their goals.

Elearning in Outsourcing and Offshoring

Outsourcing and Offshoring

Online learning offers a versatile and accessible platform that can alleviate many obstacles associated with outsourcing and offshoring training. By creating a repository of standardized course materials that cater to diverse learning styles, a consistent quality of training can be ensured across teams, irrespective of their geographical locations. Moreover, asynchronous learning allows trainees to access these resources at their own pace and in their own time, accommodating time zone differences effectively. Language barriers can be reduced through online learning platforms that offer options for translated materials and multilingual trainers, ensuring improved comprehension for non-native speakers. In addition, the incorporation of visual aids and interactive content further enhances the learning experience. Furthermore, technology advancements in e-learning platforms have led to the deployment of low-bandwidth communication tools, making it possible to reach learners even in areas with infrastructural limitations. Ultimately, online learning fosters a culturally inclusive and adaptable environment, ensuring the success of training initiatives in the global outsourcing and offshoring landscape.

Elearning in Telecommunications


Online learning can provide a flexible and accessible platform that addresses many obstacles in telecommunication training. By offering a variety of courses and resources, trainees can easily develop the necessary skills for network infrastructure setup and maintenance. Online learning platforms also facilitate access to constantly updated cybersecurity and data protection materials, helping learners stay informed about the latest threats and security measures. Additionally, rapid advancements in technology can be easily incorporated into online course materials, ensuring that learners stay current with emerging trends and innovations. For troubleshooting and problem-solving, interactive simulations and real-world case studies can be provided online to help learners effectively diagnose and resolve issues. Furthermore, information on regulatory compliance and industry standards can be readily available and updated through online resources and webinars, ensuring that trainees remain well-informed of their obligations and the best practices in their field. Overall, online learning offers a versatile and dynamic solution to address the diverse training needs in the telecommunications industry.

Elearning in Banking


Online learning can provide employees with access to training material at any time and from any location, allowing them to keep up with rapidly changing regulations, new products, and technological advancements. Secondly, online learning can help to reduce the costs associated with training, such as travel and accommodation expenses, while also providing more flexibility in scheduling training programs to minimize disruption to work schedules. Thirdly, it can provide a consistent and standardized training experience across multiple locations, which can be especially useful for banks with geographically dispersed teams. Fourthly, online learning can help to track employee progress and compliance, which can be especially important in industries with strict regulatory requirements. Finally, it can help to reduce the impact of high employee turnover by providing on-demand training resources for new hires and ongoing development opportunities for existing employees.

Elearning in Biotechnology


Online learning offers several advantages when it comes to addressing the various challenges faced in biotechnology training. Firstly, digital platforms can significantly reduce costs associated with acquiring and maintaining high-end equipment by simulating lab environments and re-creating practical experiences through virtual reality and cutting-edge software. Additionally, self-paced courses can keep trainees on par with the latest advancements and techniques since e-learning platforms can be updated with newly discovered information more swiftly than traditional training methods. Furthermore, online learning can provide comprehensive training in biosafety regulations, ethical considerations, and interdisciplinary aspects by offering a wide variety of courses from different fields engaging with experienced instructors remotely. This extended access to knowledge and resources can help build a solid foundation in relevant disciplines required for biotechnology professionals. Lastly, addressing skill gaps and workforce development is more manageable when using online platforms, as courses can be tailored to meet specific industry demands and establish standard skill sets. By incorporating up-to-date material, personalized learning pathways, and collaboration between experts, online learning can significantly contribute to overcoming the unique training challenges faced in the rapidly evolving field of biotechnology.

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The Elearning Blog

The Importance and Impact of Rapid eLearning Prototyping

This article unpacks the significance and implications of Rapid eLearning Prototyping in today's fast-paced digital world. As an iterative approach to instructional design, rapid prototyping plays a crucial role in the development and refinement of eLearning courses. It contributes to a more efficient and effective learning experience by gathering feedback early, assesses the viability of the proposed solution, and reduces wasted efforts. We'll evaluate the benefits, step-by-step process, notable instances of success, and upcoming trends in the field. The ultimate goal is to underscore the transformative potential of Rapid eLearning Prototyping in enhancing learning experiences and outcomes.

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