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Offer training on any topic with custom one-of-a-kind training solutions.
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Design and Develop an eLearning Course

Custom eLearning Course Development

With elearning courses for your students, employees, or customers, you can deliver consistent learning messages and interactions at scale. An elearning course is a great tool to educate, train, inform, and coach.

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Convert and Migrate Content to eLearning

Content Migration to eLearning

Your existing training content such as internal documents, presentations, and instructor-led seminars can be easily converted to elearning to offer you more flexibility in providing training opportunities to your learners.

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Animate an Explainer Video

eLearning Animations

Explainer videos are an excellent tool when you need to make training dynamic and fun. The faster pace of the explainer video as compared to a typical elearning course along with rich visuals will make sure the training is memorable and effective.

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Custom eLearning Solutions

Other Development Services

Looking for a custom product or unique solution to solve your training needs? We will help you develop any kind of digital or hybrid solution that will help you train staff, clients, or anyone else.

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Here's What Our Clients Say

Nellie P., Program Manager, San Francisco, CA
I recently ordered a custom online course from eLearning Company and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! The learning modules were engaging, informative, and tailored perfectly to our needs. The team was a pleasure to work with and delivered top-notch content! Highly recommended!

Victor A., Head of Human Capital, Hoboken, NJ
I absolutely loved eLearning Company's platform! The diverse range of course offerings and user-friendly interface kept me engaged and motivated in expanding my skill set. Their excellent support staff made my learning journey seamless. Highly recommended!

Lisa L., Chief Learning Officer, Las Vegas, NV
I recently worked with eLearning Company for a custom course development and I am beyond impressed with their services! Their skilled team expertly crafted engaging content tailored to our needs. Lightning-fast turnaround time and excellent communication throughout. Truly a fantastic experience!

Matthew B., Learning Designer, Sacramento, CA
eLearning Company exceeded my expectations with their exceptional learning chatbots! These AI-driven tools revolutionized our training process, making it more engaging and efficient. Their team was helpful and professional throughout. Highly recommended for any learning needs!

Nina G., Managing Director, New York, NY
eLearning Company exceeded my expectations with their custom online course creation! Their team was professional, responsive, and dedicated to bringing my vision to life. This engaging content has truly enhanced my team's learning experience. Highly recommended!

Shivesh G., Head of People, Boston, MA
eLearning Company exceeded my expectations in every way! Their elearning development support transformed our training system, making it engaging and interactive. The team is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and a true pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

Marija R., HR Manager, Chicago, IL
I recently ordered an eLearning app for my team from eLearning Company, and it has been a game-changer! The user-friendly interface, engaging content, and seamless integration have made employee training more enjoyable and effective. Highly recommend!

Jesse F., Learning and Development Leader, Tallahassee, FL
I recently ordered simulated learning modules from eLearning Company and was thoroughly impressed. The content was engaging, the user interface intuitive and, most importantly, the learning experience was truly transformational. Highly recommended for any professional or educational needs!

Mudita T., Senior Traning Manager, Richmond, VA
I had an incredible experience with eLearning Company's simulated learning modules! They offered a highly interactive and immersive learning experience, enhancing my skills and knowledge. Their modules are well-structured, engaging, and user-friendly. 100% would recommend!

Jason L., VP of People Operations, New York, NY
I had an incredible experience with eLearning Company! They created a custom online course tailored to my needs, with engaging content and a user-friendly interface. Their team was professional, responsive and truly invested in my success. Highly recommended!

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These are some factors we can help you consider:
Stakeholder Communication and Buy-In

Getting buy-in and support from stakeholders, including leadership, management, and learners, is critical for the success of online learning, and requires effective communication and engagement strategies.

Performance Management Integration

Integrating training with performance management can align learning objectives with organizational goals and enhance employee development. By setting clear performance goals and providing targeted training and feedback, you can improve job performance and achieve business results.

Learning Management System Selection

The right learning management system (LMS) can significantly impact the success of online training initiatives. When selecting an LMS, it's important to consider factors such as ease of use, functionality, scalability, and integration with other systems.

Learning Design and Development

The design and development of online courses can greatly impact the success of your training program. Effective learning design should focus on creating a seamless and engaging user experience that enhances retention, motivation, and transfer of learning.

Course Delivery Methods

Selecting appropriate delivery methods can improve accessibility, flexibility, and engagement of learners. Whether you choose synchronous or asynchronous delivery, self-paced or instructor-led courses, or a blend of methods, it's important to ensure that they align with your learning objectives and meet the needs of your learners.

User Experience and Interface Design

A user-friendly and visually appealing interface can improve the overall learning experience and reduce user frustration. By designing interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use, you can enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of your online training program.

Mobile Learning and Responsive Design

Ensuring mobile learning and responsive design can allow learners to access content from any device and optimize the learning experience. By designing courses that are optimized for mobile devices and responsive to different screen sizes, you can ensure that learners can access content anytime, anywhere.

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Industry Spotlight
Why different industries are embracing elearning?
Elearning in Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Online learning offers a flexible and efficient platform to address the diverse training needs of management consultants. By providing access to a wide range of learning materials, including interactive modules, online courses, and expert talks, consultants can build their problem-solving skills and master various analytical tools at their own pace. Additionally, online communication and presentation courses can help management consultants refine their written and verbal skills and foster their ability to present complex ideas in a clear and engaging manner. Time management and prioritization can also be significantly enhanced through online learning, as consultants can access resources anytime, anywhere, and manage their studies according to their workload. Moreover, online platforms create opportunities for networking and collaboration, which aids in developing interpersonal skills and learning to navigate client relationships. Lastly, the vast array of specialized courses available online allows consultants to quickly gain expertise in different industries, enabling them to adapt their skillset and tackle a variety of client-specific challenges.

Elearning in Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Online learning presents a dynamic and flexible solution that can enable the workforce of consumer goods companies to acquire essential skills and knowledge in various areas. As consumer preferences continue to evolve rapidly, e-learning platforms provide access to up-to-date information, helping employees stay informed about the latest trends, technologies, and strategies. Digital courses can also equip staff with the tools necessary to enhance customer experiences across multiple channels, simultaneously improving their digital proficiency. Additionally, e-learning allows for the efficient dissemination of best practices in supply chain management, sustainability, and regulatory compliance, ensuring a more agile and compliant organization. With online collaborative tools and virtual teamwork modules, employees can build cross-functional skills, fostering an environment of enhanced collaboration and effective communication throughout the company. Furthermore, the flexible nature of online learning allows employees to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, maximizing efficiency and uptake of essential knowledge in the consumer goods industry.

Elearning in Political Organization

Political Organization

Online learning presents a promising solution to several hurdles faced by political organizations in their training endeavors. By offering a diverse array of courses and resources accessible from any location, it ensures that members from various cultural and social backgrounds can participate and benefit from tailored content. This fosters greater inclusivity and representation in the organization. Additionally, online platforms facilitate interactive sessions and simulations that can equip members with crucial negotiation and consensus-building skills, preparing them for real-life political scenarios. Aspiring leaders can also access extensive resources on leadership development and practice within the digital environment, paving the way for seamless succession planning. Furthermore, online learning allows political organizations to easily and efficiently disseminate essential information about ethics, integrity, and transparency to their members, ensuring that all members are aware of the organization's values and maintaining the highest standards in all of its operations. Finally, digital communication tools and social media strategies can be taught through online courses, helping members effectively articulate and disseminate their positions and ideas.

Elearning in Wholesale


Online learning offers a flexible, effective, and scalable solution for addressing the diverse training needs within the wholesale industry. It enables employees to acquire essential skills in inventory management and stock control, while also promoting a thorough understanding of advanced techniques and best practices. Through interactive courses, staff can develop their sales acumen and customer relationship management capabilities, providing a solid foundation for nurturing client interactions and driving business growth. Furthermore, online learning modules can guide employees through the intricacies of supply chain management, ensuring they are well-versed in establishing and maintaining manufacturer and supplier relationships. Crucially, digital learning platforms provide accessibility to up-to-date information on legal compliance, industry regulations, and evolving standards. This ensures that employees stay informed and adhere to vital requirements, protecting both the business and its customers. Finally, by offering specific training in technology and digitalization, online learning equips wholesale staff with the skills needed to navigate and optimize new systems, thus streamlining operations, enhancing communication, and enabling them to make data-driven decisions. Overall, online learning not only mitigates common training obstacles but also empowers businesses to build a skilled and adaptive workforce.

Elearning in Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Online learning provides a flexible and accessible way to address the common obstacles faced in health and wellness training. The availability of a wide range of virtual resources and training programs allows individuals to maintain consistency and motivation by offering diverse options that cater to their interests and goals. This variety also aids in overcoming plateaus, as learners can continuously refine their training routines and explore new techniques or exercises to stimulate progress. Furthermore, online platforms can help strike a balance among multiple fitness objectives by offering tailored programs and allowing users to easily adjust their routines. Additionally, digital learning platforms often include resources on injury prevention and recovery, including tutorials on proper form and technique, as well as expert guidance for rehabilitation. Online learning can also be an effective solution to time management issues, as it eliminates travel time to gyms or classes and allows users to engage in their training at their convenience. By offering the tools and support needed to navigate the complexities of health and wellness, online learning empowers individuals to surmount common challenges and achieve their goals.

Elearning in Apparel and Fashion

Apparel and Fashion

Online learning offers a flexible and accessible solution for professionals in the apparel and fashion industry to overcome various obstacles that arise. Staying updated on constantly evolving trends becomes more manageable as it provides real-time access to courses and workshops, which can be tailored to cover the most recent developments. Furthermore, the focus on sustainable and ethical practices can be addressed by incorporating specialized modules on greener techniques and fair labor practices within digital courses. Online learning platforms also cater to the digital transformation and e-commerce demands by offering specific training sessions in digital marketing, data analytics, and virtual reality. As personalization and customization become more popular, distance learning can provide access to experts who can impart knowledge on innovative production methods and strategies. Finally, online learning facilitates exposure to global perspectives and fosters cross-cultural awareness, enabling individuals to collaborate, learn from diverse experiences, and gain insight to cater effectively in the multifaceted fashion world.

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The Elearning Blog

Breaking the One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Employee Training with Competency-Based Approaches

The one-size-fits-all approach to employee training no longer meets the unique needs of today's diverse workforce. To enhance skills and boost productivity, businesses must embrace competency-based approaches that provide tailored learning experiences for every employee. By identifying individual skills and priorities, designing personalized training programs, and continuously assessing progress, organizations can create a powerful learning environment that drives employee development and growth. It's time to break the outdated mold and invest in competency-based training solutions to empower employees and unlock their full potential.

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