What to Expect When You Get Your Learning Products from a Leader in eLearning Innovation

It is widely known that the eLearning industry has been quite hot in recent years with more and more companies realizing the advantages an eLearning module can offer as compared to a classroom training session. And while some training industry agents claim that eLearning modules can be less effective, the actual effectiveness of the learning … Continue reading “What to Expect When You Get Your Learning Products from a Leader in eLearning Innovation”

Top-Rated Online Course Provider for Your Course Development Needs

Many of our clients come to us at a point when they are toying with the idea of contracting an online course provider for assistance with online course development but are not sure where to start. While almost any corporate employee has taken a face-to-face class at some point in their professional life, they may … Continue reading “Top-Rated Online Course Provider for Your Course Development Needs”

AI-Powered eLearning with IBM Watson – Case Study

Whether you are developing eLearning or in-person training, a truly effective training program requires selecting the correct approach that will ensure that the training meets its goals. AI in Workforce Development When it comes to teaching on-the-job skills, Artificial Intelligence can provide opportunities to simulate work tasks and provide learning experiences that resemble real-life conditions … Continue reading “AI-Powered eLearning with IBM Watson – Case Study”

Emerging Technologies Shaping eLearning

Currently, the eLearning industry is experiencing a revolution due to the recent advancements in technology. The introduction of new gadgets, innovative tools for trainers, and cutting-edge equipment has allowed eLearning companies to create new eLearning experiences that we could only dream of a decade ago. According to Education Sector Factbook, eLearning has grown at a rapid … Continue reading “Emerging Technologies Shaping eLearning”

How to Build a Successful eLearning Company

eLearning companies are businesses that offer training, development, management and learning assistance and services to various organizations in order to help them accomplish their goals and business objectives. Their job is to assist clients in leadership, human capital development, and organizational strategies, as well as coaching and mentoring services along with staff management and development. … Continue reading “How to Build a Successful eLearning Company”

Artificial Intelligence in eLearning: Case Study

The Challenge We Faced Recently, the team at eLearning Company was tasked with developing an eLearning course that would allow customer service center staff to practice conversations with the customers who are not satisfied with the quality of the products received. If you’ve ever taken a conversation-based eLearning course before, you were probably given a limited … Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence in eLearning: Case Study”

Custom eLearning Graphic Design on a Budget

Custom eLearning Development enables companies to create world-class learning experiences that offer interactive and engaging learning products to the employees. One of the most prominent advantages of choosing custom eLearning over off-the-shelf eLearning courses is a more significant performance increase when using the former. This is the main reason why an increasing number of businesses … Continue reading “Custom eLearning Graphic Design on a Budget”

LMS Features You Don’t Need

Learning management systems (LMS) have become powerful tools for educational institutions as well as many other organizations that face a difficult task to continuously train and develop their employees. These days, there are over 600 different LMS systems available on the market, each often being quite unique, possessing a different feature set to meet the … Continue reading “LMS Features You Don’t Need”

Using Interactive Materials in eLearning Design and Development

When it comes to eLearning planning, the importance of custom eLearning interactions cannot be stressed enough. Online learning without engagement is a waste of organization’s time and resources. Participants who aren’t engaged in their learning process are more likely to drop out of the training (by failing to complete the training or simply mentally checking … Continue reading “Using Interactive Materials in eLearning Design and Development”

6 Reasons Why eLearning Development Costs Less Than Traditional Training

As many companies face the need to update existing training programs, they increasingly consider adding eLearning to the set of tools they currently use. For companies looking to integrate a new training program, the benefits of eLearning significantly outweigh those of one-on-one facilitation or classroom learning. However, a lot of companies shy away from employing … Continue reading “6 Reasons Why eLearning Development Costs Less Than Traditional Training”