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What You Need to Know About Compliance Training

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Compliance Training Basics

Compliance training is designed to satisfy an organization’s legal requirements, accounting for vulnerabilities related to unwanted costs, harm, damage, litigation, and fines. Compliance training is important because it allows organizations to operate safely and efficiently, limiting the threat of lawsuits and fines. Examples of compliance training topics include workplace safety (OSHA), anti-harassment, workplace violence, data protection, and HR compliance.

More About Compliance Training

In the eLearning environment, compliance training is often delivered in information-based modules. It is designed to cover organizational rules and regulations, and subject matter includes risk assessment, standards and controls, and oversight.

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Benefits of eLearning in
Compliance Training

Many organizations complain about the cost of traditional compliance training, which requires employees to sit through long hours of in-person instruction. If it isn't the cost of the actual training or its demands on physical space, it's the cost of lost productivity. With eLearning, employees can complete online compliance training at their own pace, with the flexibility to meet training requirements either at work or outside of the office. This flexibility alone enhances the cost-effectiveness of eLearning compliance training.

While traditional compliance training is often an exercise in liability-related "box-checking," with limited room for creative participation, eLearning storytelling and other visually stimulating content can increase engagement with compliance-related content. The adaptability of the eLearning curriculum allows compliance training to incorporate real-life examples and practical scenarios, in addition to examples of non-compliance.

Critical engagement with compliance training through creative delivery is valuable in meaningfully familiarizing learners with important principles, policies, and ideas.

Targeted training
eLearning compliance training enables training specificity, which is helpful in maximizing productivity. Organizations and instructors can easily assign different modules and courses to different audiences based on relevancy. For example, every employee within an organization should complete training about diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, while only select employees in the same organization might need anti-money laundering training.

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