Mobile Learning

Mobile learning designed for any platform of your choice

Any platform

Our mLearning experts will help you choose the best development platform for your mLearning app. This includes iOS, Android, Windows, and others. From native mobile applications to cross-platform solutions, we will ensure that your learners have access to the instructional content anytime, anywhere.

Mobile learning can be taken on the go

Learning on the go

We give your employees access to solutions that fit into their schedules without needing to be tied to a desktop. Online, offline, or intermittently online, the mLearning solutions produced by eLearning Company are always reliable and accessible, so you can take them anywhere your business takes you.

Advanced features built into learning products

Advanced functions

There is a multitude of options we can offer when it comes to mobile learning. Your learners will benefit from features like push notifications, camera, geolocation, messaging, maps, social media, and others. Our mLearning department delivers apps that take full advantage of the capabilities of modern mobile devices.

24/7 technical support for our customers


Our team will work 24/7 to ensure that your mLearning products are up and running anytime, anywhere. eLearning Company offers dedicated support and fast resolution times for customer inquiries. This includes multiple contact options to make sure you can reach the mLearning team help desk no matter what.

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