Instructor-led Training

Engaging and informative classroom training

Classroom training

When designing an instructor-led training for our clients, the eLearning Company team never relies on boring standard slide deck with bullet points. We use various multimedia elements to make training interesting, engaging, and informative to ensure your learners are able to receive and retain the knowledge taught. Our company works closely with subject matter experts in a variety of industries to deliver training on any subject.

Webinar development and facilitation


Webinars can be a really powerful tool for engaging your learners located all over the world regardless of the size of the audience. We design webinars that grab your audience by the eyeballs and keep them glued to your presentation, so you can ensure they don’t miss any important information during the training. Instead of boring standard slides, we use images, videos, and interactions to keep the learners engaged. When it comes to delivery, the experts at eLearning Company will excel at facilitating the webinar for your learners.

Exercises, activities, discussions, role-plays for one-on-one training

One-on-one training

With each one-on-one training, we make sure that the training design includes variations of approaches to suit all learning styles. We include exercises, activities, discussions, role-plays, syndicate work, case studies, and other activities to break the educational content up into bite-sized chunks. Unlike other companies, all trainings designed by our team are fun, engaging, informative, and goal-driven. This makes us a top education design provider in New York and nationwide.

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