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Establish positive customer experience

Product Knowledge Product Knowledge eLearning Solutions for Business

Our product knowledge eLearning solutions can help you establish positive customer experience, grow your customer base, and increase sales and profitability.

Software Training Software Training for Business

Whether you produce software or need to train your staff on a software product, we will help you build the learning resources that ensure your customers and staff are proficient in using the software.

Custom tracking and reporting in eLearning

Compliance Learning Solutions eLearning solutions for compliance and reporting

We develop products that meet even the strictest compliance demands; we also build custom tracking and reporting to give you access to any training records and data you may be required to keep.

Improve staff knowledge and skills with eLearning

Skills/Behavior Training Customized eLearning solution to train knowledge, skills, and behavior

Improve your staff's knowledge, skills, and behavior with our customized eLearning solutions. We will help you develop knowledgeable staff that in turn will move your business forward.

Product knowledge eLearning solutions for business

Product Knowledge eLearning Solutions

With a computer-based training solution for product knowledge developed by eLearning Company, your entire team can learn about the product's features and benefits from anywhere: the sales floor, back office, public transportation during the morning commute, home computer, library, etc. Imagine the following situation: your sales person pulls up an eLearning solution on the sales terminal while in the middle of a sale. With the data she receives, she is now able to demonstrate advanced product features and answer virtually any question from the client. Think about how this could improve your sales. Instead of having to wait until the training day, your entire team can access the training content (and the knowledge it brings) immediately and from anywhere in the world.

Another important benefit of shifting product knowledge training towards a computer-based solution is that you will no longer have to spend money on facilitators, printed materials and handouts, maintenance of the training centers, and extra conference rooms.

Software training, software simulations for business applications

Software Training

In a modern workplace, your staff relies on various software products to be able to run the business, make sales, provide customer service, track inventory, and market the products. And when the employees are not properly trained on all aspects of the software products the business may be losing money. Fortunately, our software training solutions are here to help. Here are some benefits your staff will gain from using a high-quality software training package: staying current with software updates and best practices, improving productivity, making fewer mistakes, following prescribed procedures, and more.

There's absolutely no doubt that the software packages your company uses are vital to your business. Whether you're a manager looking to enhance the performance of your small team of experts or a tech-savvy CEO wanting to dramatically increase business revenue, software expertise is a big part of your staff's success, and our training solutions can help them make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Compliance training eLearning solutions to satisfy legal requirement

Compliance Training eLearning Solutions

A timely compliance training can help prevent fines, fees, and penalties in addition to improving staff morale and productivity. But when employees hear the expression “compliance training,” the most common words that they think of are “boring,” “long,” “unnecessary,” etc., they immediately expect long lectures, stressful tests, and countless manuals and booklets. While this used to be the traditional way to offer compliance training, your employees can now train with engaging computer-based compliance learning products.
In addition, online solutions can significantly reduce the burden of compliance by making it easier for companies to store and update the records to satisfy the legal requirement for record-keeping. Finally, a training program offered online has the potential to greatly simplify the management process, too. An administrator can add staff to the database, assign required programs, monitor individual progress, and send out reminders with just a few clicks.

Business skills and behavior training for staff professional development

Skills And Behavior Training

The professional development of your staff is crucial to the success of your business. The good news is that with our help staff development doesn't have to be expensive. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer cost-effective custom eLearning solutions that improve the skills and behaviors of the staff. There is truly no limit to the subjects and/or skills that we can work with. Competent and knowledgeable staff is our priority and we work hard to deliver content that achieves just that. We work together with the stakeholders to determine desired training outcomes and then produce solutions that deliver those outcomes.

One of the important principles we use when building eLearning solutions for business is flexibility. Our products allow to fit the training sessions around the employees' primary responsibilities and hectic work schedules. It's a win-win for everyone: the employees meet their individual needs for professional development, and the organization gets better trained staff.

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