NeatLMS Learning Management System

Flexible LMS supports various types of content formats

Flexible Content

Our LMS stands out from the crowd because it allows for various types of content formats, flexible administration, and straightforward reporting. It provides excellent support to online learning and also provides resources to students who are participating in instructor-led classes. In either case, NeatLMS an outstanding place to organize and store learning content.

Configurable, highly-flexible and feature-rich system

Rich Features

The leading reason why organizations love our Moodle-based Learning Management System is largely that it is configurable, highly-flexible and feature-rich. On top of being able to set up the system just the way you need, there are hundreds of plugins that allow you to configure it to perform just the way you like while not compromising convenience and security.

Excellent documentation and learning resources on Moodle

Well Documented

An important benefit of using the LMS that is driven by one of the largest open-source teams in the world is that there are endless amounts of learning resources. Within the community, you have the ability to connect with other users and find answers to your questions. With 144 million forum posts and 72 million learning resources, there is seldom a question left unanswered.

Corporate LMS at an affordable cost

Low Cost

Our clients benefit greatly from the ability to access our cloud-based learning management system at an affordable cost that doesn't break the budget. In addition, we offer special low pricing to those companies who are using other eLearning Company services, such as custom eLearning development, instructional design, eLearning solutions design, mLearning, and others.

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