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What You Need to Know About Learning Timelines

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Learning Timelines Basics

Learning timelines are tools that allow organizations to explain and explore processes, histories, and developments. A timeline can be a part of a larger eLearning course, or it can be a separate learning tool.

More About Learning Timelines

This feature is helpful in any content or curriculum that is organized chronologically, allowing learners to visualize a sequence of events and engage with new material in its developmental context.

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Applications of Learning Timelines

Timelines are an example of a visual feature that can be inserted into modules to enhance the learning experience. These features are helpful in engaging visual learners who benefit from extra-textual content.

This tool is particularly useful in streamlining bulk written content into an accessible and appealing illustration. Consolidating complex material is supported by interactive features: Depending on the authoring tool, timelines can be customized to incorporate clickable hot spots, sound, and attached animations.

Applications of the learning timeline tool are varied, but a common example is an outline of a business's timeline of existence and growth or historical references to the growth of an industry.

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