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What You Need to Know About Mobile Apps

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Mobile App Basics

eLearning mobile applications, or mobile apps, deliver learning experiences to a learner's mobile device, whether it be a phone, tablet, watch, or web browser. Mobile apps empower learners to take their learning with them, allowing them to access new information on the go. These applications highlight the adaptability and accessibility of education and training in the eLearning landscape.

More About Mobile Apps

Mobile eLearning solutions are increasingly used to implement innovative training programs. Scenario-based training allows learners to upskill quickly and independently, with the freedom to reference training content as they put it into practice. With mobile resources, an employee can pull out their phone to quickly identify the solution to a problem.

Examples of mobile app-based training would be a new bartender referencing an ingredients list on their phone or a retail employee receiving a micro-training on a new store layout at the beginning of a shift.

Custom eLearning Solutions Example

Maximizing eLearning Tools
With Mobile Apps

The accessibility and portability of learning through mobile apps make them an effective platform for microlearning, or the presentation of small and digestible pieces of information. Mobile apps also pair well with gamification, because smartphones and tablets are optimized for gameplay.

Quizzes and tests, training videos, and other interactive materials can be incorporated into mobile eLearning solutions for multi-feature learning experiences on the go.

Many mobile apps are designed to work both with or without a network connection, which makes learning accessible to learners and employees who cannot access the Internet.

Custom eLearning Solutions Example

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