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What You Need to Know About Online Courses

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Online Courses Basics

An online course is typically hosted on the Internet, or a corporate LMS or network. Online courses are generally self-paced, allowing for greater flexibility in completing coursework. Some examples of online courses are MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, as produced by various eLearning development vendors. Many companies and universities offer online courses. Professional eLearning courses are typically aimed at the company staff or, less often, customers. Educational institutions often have two types of online courses – online classes for students and learning and development courses for the school staff.

Online courses are revolutionizing formal education and have opened a new genre of outreach on cultural and scientific topics. These courses can deliver a series of lessons through a web browser or mobile device, to be conveniently accessed anytime, anyplace.

More About Online Courses

An online course is designed as an environment built for learning. It’s constructed as an experience that can be followed sequentially or accessed periodically as needed. It’s a directed learning process comprised of educational information (articles, videos, images, web links), communication (messaging, discussion forums) and some way to measure learners’ achievement.

For the online courses to work, learners have to be very self-motivated to participate in the process, should understand that they own the responsibility for the learning, and should be willing to gain new knowledge and/or skills.

41.7% of the most profitable companies in the world, listed in the Fortune 500, are currently using online courses for staff training. Such solutions are helpful for training new employees and at the same time help to make ongoing employee education both affordable and effective. Using an innovative corporate eLearning solution makes employees better equipped to generate higher profits and maximize efficiency.

Custom eLearning Solutions Example

Advantages of Online Courses

There are many advantages of offering online courses to your learning population. They include:

Reduced training costs
Cost reduction and cost-efficiency are the most significant benefits of online corporate training. With online courses, you no longer need to hire instructors, purchase textbooks, or print learning materials. There is also no need to create or equip special classrooms – employees can take online training directly at their work stations.

Ability to access the course anywhere at any time
With online courses, you do not need to wait for the materials to be prepared or for the trainer to have the opportunity to conduct training. And there is also no need to attend special classes for continuing education. You can get all the necessary information almost immediately and from anywhere. Employees have the opportunity to learn on the job, as well as at home, in a cafe or any other place using their cell phone or laptop and the Internet.

Less time spent on training
Switching to online courses can result in tremendous time savings for the company and the employees. According to research, eLearning reduces employee’s training time by 60% compared to traditional training.

Results tracking and instant feedback
A typical course is hosted on a Learning Management System. And as LMS tracks user activities, it makes it much easier for the business owner to get information about the courses completed. Staff can also receive real-time feedback. After completing the course, the employee can take a test, and the system will tell them what needs to be improved and where to find the necessary information.

Custom eLearning Solutions Example

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