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What You Need to Know About Software Simulations

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Software Simulations Basics

Software simulations are training products that enable experiential learning at its best, immersing learners in new processes and systems through simulation. Sophisticated authoring tools allow for eLearning agencies and learning and development departments to build custom simulation courses. These tools are most commonly used by companies that require complex performance-based training.

By simulating performance-driven and complex processes, protocols, or operating systems, simulation software allows learners to move from abstract training to embodied practice.

More About Software Simulations

Simulations can be used to teach learners anything from how to operate an entirely new software system to how to fly a plane. Considering the notorious flight simulator underscores the value of immersive simulation in training processes.

In order to be effective in developing software simulation, it is important for companies to invest in a strong eLearning development agency or vendor. With the right resources and strategies, software simulation is a powerful eLearning tool that can support the transition from theory to application.

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Benefits of Software Simulations

Immersive learning
Simulation-based learning is uniquely immersive, embodied, and experiential. Simulations leave little room for misinterpretation, which is particularly important in performance-based systems training. Unlike traditional text-based or verbal content delivery, the simulation does not call on learners to imagine or picture any component of the material.

Practice, confidence, and performance
The simulation learning methodology combines the benefits of interactive materials and learning games, providing learners with practical experience that supports deep learning and fosters confidence.

Training and operating costs
Simulation tools reduce training and development costs by enabling hands-on training in a virtual setting. Organizations are spared the costs of operating errors, lost productivity, and in-person instruction.

Through simulation, learners can master an application before they actually start working on it, which improves their ability to use and interact with new software after the training period.

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