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What You Need to Know About Tests and Quizzes

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Online Tests and Quizzes Basics

Tests and quizzes, often called “knowledge checks”, are an integral piece of eLearning. In the context of a broader curriculum, they allow both instructors and students to evaluate the integration of new material presented through various modules and exercises. Tests and quizzes can also be administered as standalone evaluations outside the context of broader eLearning processes.

More About Tests and Quizzes

Developed using instructional design principles, tests and quizzes are designed to align with learning objectives. It’s important that tests and quizzes are not too difficult and not too easy, allowing students to critically engage with content while they navigate assessments.

Common Evaluation Tools

A broad range of evaluation tools can be used in eLearning. Common quiz and test styles incorporate hot spots, drag-and-drop, multiple-choice, and open-response. Tool selection is informed by learning objectives, course design, and evaluation methods.

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Benefits and Uses of eLearning Evaluations

Data collection and assessment
Evaluations allow instructors and organizations to collect student information and measure comprehension both individually and collectively.

Tracking student progress
Evaluations are often built into modules, serving as “checkpoints” as learners progress through learning content. This application is helpful in tracking student progress in meeting learning objectives. Quizzes and tests can also be designed as discrete units within a broader curriculum, disconnected from content delivery but related to a larger learning process.

Course design
Standalone evaluations are useful in assessing baseline comprehension to identify knowledge gaps, which can be used to inform course design.

Upskilling, onboarding, and certification
Quizzes and tests in the eLearning environment serve a distinct purpose in projects aimed at upskilling, onboarding, and certification, allowing instructors and organizations to quantify knowledge retention and performance. Each of these approaches to evaluation is enabled by eLearning tools built into authoring programs.

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