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What You Need to Know About Training Videos

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Training Videos Basics

Training videos have long been a component of organizational learning, but eLearning agencies take the traditional training video to the next level, allowing instructors and organizations to present content in a dynamic and visually appealing format that engages learners’ attention.

Videos are less expensive than other interactive tools, but they are effective in enhancing learning content and engaging visual and auditory learners.

Common Types of eLearning Videos

Most eLearning videos fall into one of the following categories:

1. Instructor-led lectures and training

This type of training video is particularly common within educational institutions and professional HR departments. Video-based instruction and training are relatively less expensive than in-person solutions, and the enhancements outlined below increase the effectiveness of content delivery.

2. Scenario and simulation videos

Scenario and simulation videos guide learners through each step of a process or procedure. Cooking and DIY videos on YouTube represent mainstream scenario-based instructional content. Companies benefit from this model of content delivery, which combines instruction with a demonstration to visually illustrate ideas as they are explained.

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Content Enhancement Strategies

Training videos allow instructors and organizations to critically enhance the presentation of educational content. Common strategies include:

Breaking learning material into bite-sized clips or adding purposeful breaks within a longer training video. Video editing tools create new opportunities for organizing and delivering learning content.

Part of the educational science mandate to streamline material and remove unnecessary information from the learning content. If the information does not serve some kind of purpose or learning goal, it can be "weeded out" of a presentation.

Using on-screen text or symbols in a video in order to highlight important information or draw a learner’s attention to something specific. Signaling can also include the intentional changing of contrast or colors in order to steer the learner’s focus.

Possibilities: Building on Training Videos
While training videos are a powerful learning tool unto themselves, it is important to highlight their adaptability with the use of interactive features and gamification. Videos can be enhanced with embedded self-paced knowledge checks, which pause the video and prompt the learner to answer a question.

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