eLearning Solutions for Your Business

We offer a variety of eLearning solutions to help you meet your training goals.

Product Knowledge

The product knowledge eLearning solutions can help you establish positive customer experience, grow your customer base, and increase sales and profitability.

Software Training

Whether you produce sofware or need to train your staff on a software product, we will help you build the eLearning resources that ensure customers' and staff software proficiency.

Compliance Learning Solutions

We develop products that meet even the strictest compliance demands; we also build custom tracking and reporting to give you access to any training records and data you may be required to keep.

Skills/Behavior Training

Improve your staff's knowledge, skills, and behavior with our customized eLearning solutions. We will help you develop knowledgeable staff that in turn will move your business forward.

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Product Knowledge eLearning Solutions

If you are the company that still relies on heavy binders for product knowledge training, you should consider upgrading your approach with the product knowledge eLearning solutions offered by eLearning Company.

With product knowledge computer-based solutions, your entire team can have access to the data about product features and benefits from anywhere: the sales floor, back office, home computer, library, etc. Imagine the following situation: your sales person pulls up an eLearning solution on the sales terminal while in the middle of a sale. With the data she receives, she is now able to demonstrate many more product features and answer many more questions from the client. Think about how this could improve your sales. Instead of having to wait until the training day, your entire team is now suddenly empowered to access the content (and the knowledge it brings) immediately and from anywhere.

Another important benefit of shifting product knowledge training towards computer-based solutions is that you would no longer have a need to spend money on facilitators (who travel and stay in expensive hotel rooms), printed materials and handouts, and the maintenance of the training centers and extra conference rooms. Everything that our solutions need is stored online, which saves you tons of money. And if you previously required your staff to travel for seminars--which took time away from the workplace, and put their primary responsibilities on hold--you will benefit even more from using online classes for product knowledge. Why not take all that saved time and money and reinvest them into your business?

Storing the training data online has another excellent benefit: you get to keep the progress and success reports indefinitely and access them in a way that works best for you. Our eLearning solutions will enable you to have a broad overview of the progress of your entire team. With that, you can easily address issues such as low scores, poor progress, and lack of positive outcomes. Because you get access to this data in real time, you can minimize the negative impact on your business by addressing the issues as soon as they arise.

Finally, updating our products is much easier (and cheaper) than updating your classroom instructional content. You no longer need to re-train the facilitators, you also no longer need to re-print the guides and handouts. Not only it saves you money, it’s great for the environment!

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Software Training

It’s fairly safe to assume that your staff relies on various software products to help you run the business, make sales, provide customer service, track inventory, and market the products. But can you honestly say that all of them are 100% trained on all of the aspects of the software products they are using? If you are not sure, then your business may be losing money. Our software training eLearning solutions are here to help.

By providing online education to your employees, you will give them the tools they needed to become more productive which will enable them to generate more sales. That’s just one of the reasons why many CEO’s consider software training to be the life blood of their organizations. There are many other reasons why your organization should consider ordering an eLearning solution for software competency for your employees.

One of such reasons is a consistent high training quality that everyone on the team receives. By providing an eLearning solution to your staff, you ensure that variables--such as varying facilitators skill sets, inability to attend a session in person, the need to go at one’s own pace--are taken out of the equation. As a result, everyone receives the same high quality material and is exposed to the same comprehensive knowledge base.

One unique feature that we build into our eLearning solutions is the ability to track mistakes and common paths. This critical data will enable you to have an unprecedented insight on how your employees are using the software, and whether they are following the prescribed routes while performing tasks in the software. By checking the online logs you may also uncover ways to streamline the operations and performance.

Here are some personal benefits your staff will gain from receiving software training: staying current with software updates and best practices, cutting learning time and easing the learning curve, practicing with pre-built examples and scenarios created specifically to make the content relevant, spending dedicated time focused on the technique, learning real-world situations they haven’t previously encountered, increasing productivity at work by applying the learned principles.

There’s absolutely no doubt that many software packages your company uses are vital to your business. Whether you’re a manager looking to enhance the performance of your small team of experts or a tech-savvy CEO wanting to dramatically increase the business revenue, software expertise is a big part of your success and our products can help you make it happen.

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Compliance Training eLearning Solutions

When we hear the expression “compliance training” the most common words that we think of are “boring,” “long,” “unnecessary,” etc. We immediately expect long lectures, stressful tests, and countless manuals and booklets. While this used to be the traditional way of offering compliance trainings, today, more and more companies opt to use online compliance education that offers all the benefits with minimal drawbacks. Moving your compliance learning solution online can even help prevent penalty fees and regulatory violations.

We know that the regulations and requirements associated with audits and inspections are always changing, which makes it difficult to keep up with the most up-to-date compliance standards. For this reason, it only makes sense for materials to be made available online as part of an eLearning solution, where they can consistently be updated. Not only that, but online solutions can also significantly reduce the burden of compliance, making it much easier for employees to complete their session and have a record of the requirement satisfaction. We can even take it a step further and record the time spent in the session, test scores, eLearning solution interactions results, and any other relevant data. All this has a potential of greatly simplifying the management process too. An administrator can easily add staff to the database with just a few clicks, select the necessary programs for completion, and then monitor the team’s progress. The manager can also send reminder emails as needed, or schedule automatic emails to be sent out to employees.

A significant benefit of moving to the compliance eLearning solution is the ability to practice real world challenges and situations. With traditional classroom-based workshops, employees would have to deal with a steep learning curve on-the-job, where they would make mistakes and learn from them. Unfortunately for you, their mistakes can often lead to compliance violations, workplace accidents, fines, customer complaints, and rising operational costs.

Our compliance solutions immerses employees in real world environments so that they can gain experience without taking any risks. We build rich multimedia-based educational activities to replicate workplace stress, which helps your employees to learn to perform under pressure. Is an employee going to handle a difficult situation with a cool head, or will they make costly errors when presented with a challenge? To get the full impact, we ensure that our compliance eLearning solution design incorporates realistic elements, such as images, sounds, and obstacles the employees may encounter in the workplace.

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Skills and Behavior Training

As a business professional, you know that online solutions deliver real benefits for staff development. When shopping for an eLearning vendor, it’s very important to look for specific features offered that deliver a personalized approach to the eLearning solutions in your organization.

One of the important aspects we build into our products is flexibility. Our online solutions allow you to fit the training sessions around your employee’s primary responsibilities and work schedules. The employees meet your individual needs for professional development, and at the same time, organizations get better trained staff.

Another major benefit that comes with our products is the ability to learn at one’s own pace. With online skills and behavior learning solutions, your employees can continue to develop themselves at the pace they feel comfortable with, going as fast or as slow as they need. This is especially ideal for busy high level employees looking to improve their skills, but not always having the time to do so.

A huge reason why our clients ask us to produce custom eLearning solutions for them is that our products are cost-effective. If you’re looking to develop your employees’ skills, but not break the bank, then look no further. We work together with our clients to determine the learning goals and budgets, and then come up with a plan to meet the goals while staying within the budget. The professional development of your staff is crucial to the success of your business. The good news is that with our help, staff development doesn’t have to be expensive. You owe it to your employees to develop custom eLearning solutions for them and have these great developmental tools on a variety of subjects available at their fingertips. There is truly no limit to the subject and/or skill that we can work with. Competent and knowledgeable staff is our priority and we work hard to deliver content that achieves just that.

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