Custom eLearning Graphic Design on a Budget

Graphic Designers work on Custom eLearning Design

Custom eLearning Development enables companies to create world-class learning experiences that offer interactive and engaging learning products to the employees. One of the most prominent advantages of choosing custom eLearning over off-the-shelf eLearning courses is a more significant performance increase when using the former. This is the main reason why an increasing number of businesses are now investing in custom eLearning development from the ground-up.

However, for most eLearning Companies, a major expense of custom eLearning development process is graphic design. Good, professionally done graphic design creates focal points that direct attention to the most crucial parts of a course, making it more engaging and memorable. Course engagement is one of the major eLearning effectiveness metrics because it allows to review and evaluate training performance and progress. Additionally, good graphic design has the capability to make even the most complex and technical course content more understandable and easier to grasp.

Despite the many advantages of custom eLearning design, a lot of businesses may not have adequate financial resources to hire a full-time graphic designer. But thanks to the advancing Internet reach, we are now seeing many crowdsourcing resources becoming available to businesses to help take care of the graphic design tasks for their custom eLearning projects. Here, we will be looking at 6 crowdsourcing websites that you can use if you wish to incorporate outstanding custom graphic design in your eLearning development on a budget.

Fiverr is a very unique crowdsourcing site where you can find just about any kind of design product or service, all starting at $5. Unlike the majority of other crowdsourcing websites, this one hosts freelancers who actually post samples of their work and services, so you can properly go through them and see which ones fit your needs best. Whether you are looking for someone to compose a song or design slides for a custom eLearning project, you can get started with any designer at Fiverr for much cheaper than if you were to hire a designer through another means.

“Graphics and Design” is one of the main twelve categories of products and services offered on Fiverr, and just like other categories, it can be further divided into subcategories. For instance, illustration, vector tracing, logos, social media designs, models, book covers, etc. Once you choose a category and a subcategory, you are free to look at an array of profiles and see which provider best suits your needs, your budget, and your timeframe. Keep in mind that the $5 price on Fiverr is the starting price, and can go up depending on the work required. The website offers secure communications between seller and buyer, and handles payment transactions. You can pay via a credit card, PayPal, or other electronic methods of payment.

99designs is the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace connecting millions of freelance designers, creative people and anyone who needs high-quality work. The website’s interactive creative brief makes it easier for you to describe your design challenge and establish a set price. The company then presents you with a number of ideas, from which you pick a favorite. Their Bronze package, which is the budget package, costs only $299 and offers 30 designs, as well as money back guarantee.

Crowdspring is one of the best crowdsourcing design sites that brings together over 200,000 creative professionals and designers on their platform. The offers are solely content-based, and you are required to post projects in order to start receiving suggestions from designers.

The website offers the standard categories of graphic design along with naming projects. Another interested category offered on the website is “Business Content.” This category includes presentation writing, blog, web content, technical writing, and newsletter content. A great feature of Crowdspring is an offer of a free design consultation, so even if you are new to crowdsourcing and worried about getting the best value for your money, you can be rest assured that your investment will not go to waste.

DesignCrowd functions like a global contest. You describe your project and determine the level (price) of the prize. DesignCrowd displays the project on its crowdsourcing platform, the artists choose the projects that interest them, and submit proposals. You can then recommend tweaks or choose the design that appeals to you the most.

DesignCrowd lists 42 design categories that range from small projects, such as logos, to large ones, such as magazine designs. Other examples of available categories include illustrations, imagery for social media (like Twitter pages, for example), etc.

When you visit the website, you can go through some of the previous contests in the category you are interested in to get an idea of the kind of work quality you can expect. It lets you access an international pool of talented artists for one-time or repeat projects. Once again, the project price and parameters are set by you, and the artists submit their proposals for you to review, discuss and choose.

Logoglo is a great place to start if you are looking for a professionally designed logo on a budget. Their basic Logo Design package starts at $50 and includes 3 initial designs. Furthermore, you receive the design ideas within just 48 hours, which is quite an impressive timeframe. If you find that the submitted designs need amendments, then you can use a total of 3 revisions to ask for any tweaks. Lastly, you are given the option to request multiple final file formats including vectors. Logoglo offers a total of 5 packages, all of which offer different sets of features.

Fivesquid is a British-based freelance marketplace website that allows people to trade services and skills. It features a Graphic Design category that includes numerous subcategories including Photoshop editing, infographics, logo design, illustration, web design and much more. if you are willing to pay a little extra, then you can get sellers to create customized orders for you. You only need to list your precise requirements. The prices of service start from £5 but can go all the way up to £50. The expected delivery dates vary from seller to seller, so make sure you select a designer who can work within your timeframe.


All six of the above-mentioned websites are capable to offer high-quality services in a variety of categories for a fairly reasonable price and quicker timeframes as compared to the traditional methods of hiring. Before choosing a crowdsourcing website, make sure that it meets all of your needs, including the adequate pool of professionals, price, set of available features, timeframes, etc.

eLearning Company Blog | November 28, 2017