eLearning Challenge: Text Variables, Location, Leaderboard in an Articulate Storyline eLearning Course

The #ELHchallenge eLearning challenges hosted by Articulate eLearning Heroes provide an excellent way for the eLearning community members to learn from each other and continuously develop their professional skills. Many top eLearning Experience Designers have showcased their work at least once on eLearning Heroes. We, too, have participated in quite a few of the challenges including a recent challenge of using text variables to capture and display the learner’s name.

We also took this challenge one step further by showcasing three advanced tasks instead of one:

You can see the resulting demo eLearning course by clicking on the image below or scroll down to read more about the challenge.

text variable leaderboard location articulate storyline

eLearning Challenge Task

The weekly challenge was to show how text variables can be used to capture and display a learner’s name in eLearning courses. The challenge asked the eLearning developers experienced with using variables to find creative ways to capture and display the learner’s name. Both demo and real-world projects built previously are usually accepted for eLearning challenges submissions. We decided to create a quick demo project for this task.

Capturing the Learner’s Name

We added a layer on the first slide to collect the learner’s name at the start of the module:

text label into variable storyline demo

The trigger assigns the name to the variable if entry is received, or sets the name to “Anonymous Learner” if no name is provided:

storyline learners name to variable

And then the module navigates to the next slide.

Capturing the Learner’s Location

To capture the learner’s location, we used the location widget from Cluelabs.

location elearning widget stencil by cluelabs

And followed the instructions provided to add it to the Articulate Storyline project:

add location elearning widget articulate storyline

To combine the name and location of the learner, we used a JavaScript trigger that fires when the name variable changes:

articulate storyline name location javascript

Saving the Learner’s Data into a Leaderboard

To create a leaderboard for this project, we used a leaderboard widget from Cluelabs.

articulate storyline text variable location leaderboard

And followed the instructions to add the leaderboard into our Articulate Storyline project.

add leaderboard elearning widget articulate storyline

And this is it, the learner enters the name, takes the test, and has their information added to the leaderboard!

eLearning Company Blog | March 8, 2019