How You Can Track Slide Views in Storyline and Five Reasons to Do It

User flow report - slide views in Articulate Storyline

Did you know that you can track what slides the learners view in your course and how many times they see those slides? If you use Articulate Storyline for course development, you can easily add user flow analytics to your course with just a single trigger on a master slide. The best part is that this works independently of any LMS system, your course can be inside or outside an LMS – it does not matter.

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Simply create a new analytics project and select Articulate Storyline as the authoring tool. You will see the code you will need to copy into a JavaScript trigger in Storyline. And that’s it, you’re done! From now on, you will see all slide views in the report which allows you to see the total count of views and also the average views per user.

Why would you want to track slide views in Storyline? Here are a few reasons:

  1. To measure engagement: Tracking slide visits allows e-learning designers to measure how engaged learners are with the material, and to identify which slides are getting the most attention.
  2. To identify problem areas: By tracking slide visits, e-learning developers can identify which slides are causing confusion or difficulty for learners, and address those issues.
  3. To personalize instruction: By tracking slide visits, e-learning learning experience designers can personalize instruction for each learner, by providing additional resources or support for the areas where they need the most help.
  4. To improve course design: By tracking slide visits, e-learning designers can improve the design of their courses, by identifying which slides are most effective and which need to be revised.
  5. To measure progress: By tracking slide visits, training managers can measure student progress over time and monitor the effectiveness of their instruction.

It takes just one Storyline trigger to set up user flow analytics, and you will have access to this valuable data that will allow you to not only gauge course performance, but also identify problem areas and improve course design.

eLearning Company Blog | January 12, 2023