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ATD: 5 Tips to Start Designing and Developing Impactful E-Learning

A truly effective asynchronous learning experience is more than a set of PowerPoint slides – the learner needs to experience real-life scenarios, try out tasks, and obtain feedback along the way. A smiley face and a thumbs-up icon at the end of the training effort aren’t enough. Here are 5 tips from ATD on learning to design and develop impactful e-learning.

Tip 1: Take training online and choose quality training resources.

You can take a credible e-learning/instructional design training course to learn the fundamentals. Look for a course that takes a practical, actionable approach to instructional design. You should receive tools and learn methods that you can apply to your work immediately and effectively.

Tip 2: Evaluate your skillset and be prepared to wear multiple hats.

You’ll need to do more than you realize. Narration actor. Graphic designer. Investigative journalist. QA tester. Writer. You may need to play all these roles when designing and developing an e-learning course. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. It’s OK to outsource one or two elements of the project—like voice-overs or graphic creation—to experts.

Tip 3: Test and check your work.

First, do several quality-control sessions yourself. Then, ask an intended learner to take the course while you observe over their shoulder or via screen share. You’ll be amazed at the small hiccups that arise when someone else is taking the course.

Tip 4: Practice good file management and properly organize project files.

Process and knowledge base changes occur regularly, so you will need to make updates to the course at some point. This is why you should properly name the project files and store them in an accessible, central location.

Tip 5: Your authoring tool expertise helps but it’s not enough.

You want the learners to walk away with confidence that they received the knowledge and skills intended by the training. To reach this goal you need to work with the content and subject matter experts, do the research, and be able to write. And then use your favorite authoring tool to expand the learning experience.

Full article: https://www.td.org/atd-blog/5-tips-on-designing-and-developing-impactful-e-learning

Cluelabs: The Easiest Way to Add an AI Chatbot to eLearning

You can automate knowledge sharing and provide multiple ways for your users to get the answers they need. Users can ask questions in an online chat via a chatbot, by email, or by text message. The AI engine processes the request and finds the best suitable answer. This process is completely automated and requires no human input once set up.

More information: https://cluelabs.com/ai-functions

Tilt365: Drive Team Innovation with a Team Assessment

The Team Agility Predictor is a team assessment that provides a holistic measure of how a team is performing on the character strengths. Team success depends on more than just the traits of its members. Interactions between team members can enhance or damage team effectiveness, and the typical pattern of these interactions defines the team’s climate.  The Team Agility Predictor goes beyond individuals, allowing you to measure your team climate.

More information: https://www.tilt365.com/Assessments/Team-Assessments

University of Nevada, Reno: Options for Verifying Student Identity in Online Classes

Federal legislation requires that all public universities have processes in place through which the institution establishes that a student who registers in any course offered via distance education or correspondence is the same student who academically engages in the course or program, and makes clear in writing that institutions must use processes that protect student privacy and notify students of any projected additional student charges associated with the verification of student identity at the time of registration or enrollment. In this article, you can learn what’s required for compliance and UNR meets these requirements.

Full article: https://www.unr.edu/digital-learning/online-learning/resources-for-faculty/options-for-student-identity-verification

The Daily Star: Free Online Courses for Honing Your Professional Skills

Learning and mastering new skills is absolutely essential for any professional. A good start in that direction is to take free online courses. With the variety of course offerings, it’s important to select a platform that provides high-quality learning content. Start your search with these 5 course providers:

Harvard University Free Courses




MIT Open CourseWare

Full article: https://www.thedailystar.net/toggle/news/free-online-courses-honing-your-professional-skills-3017541

eLearning Company Blog | May 6, 2022